Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Perhaps a new, New Year?

So, at the New Year I had big intentions of starting a weight loss regimen, being super mommy, and Death Fever being a thing of the past. But, my babies got sick, my Death Fever returned, then quelling my attempts at working out.

My friend, Michelle McAwesome watched the boys last Thursday while I went to 3 doctors appointments for some fix ups and fine tuning. Basically I got poked, prodded, felt up, and worst of all FLOSSED!!!!
1. Eye doc-vampire eye is GONE! No more inflammation. Still need glasses since Death Fever gave me wanky vision in one eye. But, beggars can't be choosers.

2. Dentist-zero cavities. I was worried about this one, since alot of post-pregnant ladies say they got like 5 cavities during pregnancy, and I'm a little guilty of having middle of the night cereal during my long nights with Max.

3. New general doc-a needed a new pair of eyes on my Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. I felt like the guy that helped me in November was a little weirded out by my illness, maybe it was the "I laid in bed wondering what the heck was wrong with you" statement that made me feel this way. When it was bad, I could barely walk, so a few weeks later, when I could walk, with pain, I felt vastly improved. Well, its now been two months and the walking with pain never went away. I've tried EVERYTHING. Advil, Tylenol, old pain pills leftover from my c-section, ace bandages, epsom salt bathes, working out, not working out, icing my feet, warming my feet.....nothing helped.

New doc got me on steroids, which makes total sense, since that's what fixed Vampire Eyes. The next day, after 5 pills, I got up without pain for the first time since before Max's birth. AND, I'm happy to say, I didn't even grow a beard OR develop massive forearms from the 'roids.

So, anyway, here we go. January 18th, a new, New Year. And, Rohr family? Watch out! We all put in money for a weight loss challenge (we tried this last year, but I messed it up by getting pregnant) and I'm sooooo gonna win.

That's over 50 pounds of kids right there!!!!

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  1. You're pretty McAwesome too, and you're gonna kick some serious Rohr family booty! Speaking of booty, those Yoga Booty Ballet vids can't seem to find their way into my DVD player. :(