Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow Days

Yeah for Rob driving while I blog. He probably thinks I'm a computer addicted, cotton headed ninnymuggin, but who cares? I've been trying to post some sweet winter pics all week and I finally have the time!

In case you didn't know, we got a wee bit of snow last week. Or a bunch. A bunch in Arkansas terms at least. Especially central Arkansas terms. Since having children, snow days have changed for Rob and I. We used to hole up in our house, make soup and alcoholic drinks and alternate sleeping and movie watching and book reading until it was time to leave the house again. Now, we tug and twist and cram our kids into several layers of clothes, only to have them want to come back in after 20 minutes. We still make soup, but coffee has taken the place of beer and wine. We still read books, but smut romance has been replaced by Dr. Suess. We still watch movies, but all 3 Toy Story's took over our house long ago.

Rylan has re-discovered his sweet love for Max. He went through an awful terrible two little period and basically acted like Max wasn't there. Then suddenly the terrible two switch turned off and he is, once again, all about loving and kissing and waving and petting Max's sweet head.

Max's first snow. He was a little unsure what to think.
The best money we have ever spent. This swing gets use, even in freezing temps and snow covered seats.
A picture is worth 1000 words. All 1000 words would be: precious.
Rob wasn't able to make it to work Monday, so he worked from home and had a new boss on hand

We spent our week staying in, getting over colds and even hosted an in-home playdate with lots of kiddos and mamas. Because I get a little crazy during in-home playdates, I have no pics, but you can go to my awesome mama friend, Michelle's blog to see some good pics. The playdate went pretty well. Except for one sweet girl drinking out of the toilet, Rylan dumping goldfish crackers all over the table and the kids shoving them in their mouths like we'd never fed them before, and me dipping into the non-diet food a little too much.

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  1. Oooooh! I got a blog shout-out! I feel almost cool, which NEVER happens.
    Oh, and your kids are sorta cute and stuff. ;)