Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Not the beginning of the New Year I had planned

Its January 5th and half the house is ill. Luckily Rob and the dogs are holding their own.

My tick fever won't go away. When I was at my sister's house at Christmas, it hurt to go up and down her stairs and I didn't trust myself to carry Max on them. I was thinking I might see about going to another doc to see about the pain in my feet and knees. Blah, its getting old. Then on the 2nd of January, my eye became vampirish (a word?) again. More inflammation, not as bad as last time, but this means back on the steroid drops. Those icky gross, white drops that I hate.
Extreme closeup of vampire eye

And Rylan got a cold. Just a bad enough cold to make him cough at night instead of sleep good. He also can't decide between wanting to run away and have a good tantrum or have me hold him for hours on end.
True fits require no pants.

Mostly we read lots and lots and lots of books. Do I want my baby sick? No. Do I love the extra snuggles and book reading? Yes.

And Max. Poor Max. We just got his belly troubles figured out and he got a cold AND an ear infection. Then they gave him antibiotics for the ear infection that made him puke and puke and puke. Apparently pertussis (whooping cough) is going around and its easier to treat kids for it than test for it when they have a hacking cough (like Max had) because the test takes a week to come back. So they gave him a strong antibiotic for the ear infection that would cover the pertussis. And his just fixed belly said "I DON'T THINK SO!"

He's still super happy

Its really not so bad. Illness just seems worse when you multiply it by 3. And I don't mind being the sick one, in fact, I'd prefer it, but it takes away my supermommy abilities, and we can't have that. I just REALLY don't like sick babies. And, Rylan's RSV of 2009 scarred me for life. And apparently, his doctor's office too, since when I called about Max's throwing up they made me come straight back to the doctor because they feel like my kids "turn bad quickly." I'll try not to take that personally.

So, my little family will just hang here with our ibuprofen and epson salt soaks (for me), juice and humidifier (for Rylan) and eye drops and updraft machine (for Max) and count our blessings. Rob and I have two of the super cutest kids evah!!!! And Max is a sweet baby. And Rylan loves to dance.

Sweet Ry snuggles
And, this is Lesson #1 in keeping 2 kids happy at once. The wagon fits Max's carseat perfectly and the thing doesn't budge. You just have to make sure Rylan keeps his precious sticks away from Max. Max doesn't look happy right this minute, but that's cause I stopped moving. He smiles while we are in action.


  1. The photo of Max with his little updraft machine thingy broke my heart, but then the one of you and Rylan perked me right back up. And the one of you with your extreme closeup inflamed eyes made me do some sort of weird sad/intrigued "so THAT's what vampire eyes look like!" combo deal. My emotions are all over the place today. I'm hormonal.

    Oh, and Lily hasn't voluntarily worn pants in months.

  2. Max still looks like he's amused behind that mask. What's your secret?? And my pants don't fit. ;)

    At least you're still smiling. Looks like you're rocking the happy kid tricks even when everyone is sick. Hope the Epsom salts work & maybe a break from hauling a wagon full of snuggles improves the pain. I feel ya on the vampire iritis. (Doesn't saying "iritis" sound like a dog yawning?) You still look great to me. I took a photo of my eye too when it was bad & was certain I looked just like this satanic leaf gecko.