Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Such a big boy

So, while Rylan can climb to the top of a jungle gym, slide down any slide, reach anything off a counter you think he can't, he is a little slow on the talking. He's just been really, really, really busy spending his energy on running, dancing, climbing, tackling, hugging, pushing, pulling, and anything else that falls under the category of: BOY!

We've been staying home a lot more lately, with colds, snow and death fever, so I've been working on Rylan's talking skills lots more. Its really helped. As he was able to verbalize his needs, I watched his terrible two-ness subside little by little.

So, toddler talk is totally cute and I'm going to miss it when Rylan pops out "mother, may I be excused to wash my dishes, dry them and put them away?" Okay, so he'll never say that, but I'll totally miss all the toddler-isms that come out of his mouth.

Here are some favorites

Me: "Rylan, do you want a drink?"
Ry: "Please help, D!"

Me: "Wanna go outside?"
Ry: "Please help, side!"

Me: "need a snack?"
Ry: "Please help, nack!"

Also, he calls Max "Ma", and says "mom" in an English dialect, so I'm "MUM". He loves to eat "peash" (pizza), loves him some "yoya" (lola the dog) and as soon as you snap him into his carseat, he informs you he's "duck" (or stuck). Love it, love it, love it.

Here's Rylan at the park pushing Max in the stroller. So sweet.


  1. I am seriously cracking up at "please help!" sentences! SOO funny!

  2. Sort of on topic (but not really):

    I've concluded that giving a kid a name with two L's in it (e.g, LILY) is mean and sooooo not a good idea. Niny. That's what she calls herself. Or sometimes it comes out Nany. And one day, some (stupid) man asked her her name, and she told him.

    "Willy?" he asked.

    Willy. He asked if my child's name was Willy.

    At least "Rylan" only has *one* L in it. But to us, he'll always be Rydan.

  3. I love the "please help!" and "duck" along with how he's suddenly British. I blame the Wiggles for teaching my son to moo with an Aussie accent. Now he's gained a Southern accent which sounds even more foreign in California.