Wednesday, September 29, 2010

D-Day as in "De bambino cometh"

Holy moly, crapoly. Where did time go? How does time simultaneously go so slow, yet fly by when you are pregnant? How do you not gain any weight for months and then slap on a ton in 8 weeks time? How do you start a pregnancy promising that you'll be better at it, that it will be easier and you will be HAPPY, then find yourself nine months later with your lip puckered out begging a doctor to PLEASE, OH, PLEASE take this baby out of my body?

I don't have an answer to any of the above questions.

I do know that in 2 days, yes, that's right, on October 1st, 2010, little Max Qualls (or big Max Qualls as my belly is suggesting) will be in my arms. And his dad's arms. And big brother Rylan's arms.

At my last appointment, I was 38 weeks, measuring 41 weeks, and going crazy. I have now been having contractions for 20 weeks. I have been hobbling for 6 weeks with a prematurly separated pubic bone. And, most importantly, I might be going crazy. I stuck that lip that I used on my dad growing up, on my husband when I'm looking for sympathy, and on my son when I'm trying to convey that his actions "hurt mama's feelings." I was whiny patient. He became my priest and we were in confession.
"I can barely walk enough to make it through Wal Mart."
"I can't hold my son"
"I haven't worked since June" (just between us, not so sad about that one)

Dr. Santa/Kenny Rogers look-a-like took pity on my swollen foot soul and moved the date up to October 1st. This also happens to be a Friday, meaning that the time in the hospital will be on the weekend. So, Rob's week off with us won't start till the day we come home from the hospital. YAY!!!!! This Friday option will also mean that my parents and sister(s) will get to come and Rob's parents get to come. PLUS-my doctor is on call all weekend, so we still get his awesome services instead of dealing with unknown on-call doctor OR EVEN WORSE-my doctor from my pregnancy with Rylan (lazy piece of poo in my humble opinion).

So in 1.5 days, baby Qualls will be here. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll post some pics of what we've been up to lately tomorrow.


  1. Happy C-sectioning tomorrow, Sara! Does Hallmark make a card for that??
    In all seriousness, best of luck, and I'll be thinking about you lots. And don't forget about us non-Facebookers (all two of and some 90-year-old woman in Pakistan). Post a pic or twelve of precious Max as soon as time and energy and mental faculties permit. Good luck!!!!!