Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mean ole' uterus

Rylan's been having to spend some extra time at friend's houses because my uterus has gone all irritable again. Its fine to have contractions, just not fine if you can count them and that count is less than every 6 minutes. I've had a few runs of every 5 minutes and even a little scare of 3 minutes. Because these contractions earned us 3 extra Labor and Delivery visits during our Rylan pregnancy, visits where we sat and got stared at and eventually sent home, Rob and I aren't in a hurry to go back. So, I've hit the couch, propped the feet up, guzzled water and Tylenol PM (which strangely help, don't ask me why, I'm just a knocked up nurse). As long as I can stop the frequent ones, we are doing okay. Its a mind game really. And I'm pretty sick of my uterus giving my babies such a hostile environment in their first home!

Here are some pics of a day where Rylan entertained us both while I propped the feet up. If you wonder what he's wearing, its one of my maternity shirts. He was trying to put it on, so I helped him, and he was too cute to not snap some shots.

Most precious little boy.

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  1. Hope your uterus is feeling a little less spastic today. I'll happily watch Rylan again any time you like. He was an absolute sweetheart.
    p.s. I'm gonna attempt a gluten-free version of your Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls next week. Wish me luck. :)