Sunday, September 12, 2010

Does this shirt make me look pregnant?

We've made it to 36 weeks. One more week and Little Bit will be considered full term. And that whole preterm labor worry? Gone. Know why? Despite having a zillion contractions a day and my pelvis deciding to widen without my okay, our smart little baby decided he didn't feel like scooting his head down where its supposed to go. He heard its a tight squeeze and that they're bones there and they expect you to stay that way for weeks at a time. He is perfectly happy to chill/relax (chillax?) directly underneath my ribcage, which makes breathing and eating more difficult, but hey, I've said it before, preggars can't be choosers. The doctor actually said that despite the contractions, my cervix is "Fort Knox." However embarrassing it is to be told this by a jolly doctor that looks like Kenny Rogers and Santa had a baby together, it is music to my ears, since all those contractions kind of make you afraid you'll deliver a baby on your living room floor.

I'm super appreciative to my parents and sister, who came to watch over me and help me take care of Rylan while Rob was away at a Razorback game. And to my friends Kristi and Michelle who have each kept Rylan a day a week for the last few weeks. They have provided him with activity and social interaction while I rested my angry, squeezy uterus.

Now that we are sooooo close, I'm feeling that super-nesting coming on. My brain has big plans, my body says "get back on that couch lady, I'm not done being persnickety quite yet."

Here's some stats:
- I am 36 weeks, measuring 38 weeks (glad to see he's taking after Rylan).
-My blood pressure was 110/70 today. Pretty dang good. I had a little blood pressure issue at the end of my last pregnancy, I'm hoping this good BP stays around.
-I had to retire the wedding ring to the drawer 2 weeks ago. Today the engagement ring (which has always been a smidge bigger) had to join the wedding ring :(
-My toes look like sausages, but they are fabulously painted bright pink with white flowers. Pretty sausages.
-Every day I discover a pregnancy shirt that is too short for me. Every day. First time in my life I've ever had to deal with something being "TOO SHORT" on me.
-Rylan could care less about the belly, any word of a baby, or the baby kicking. He's busy. Buzz Lightyear has stepped into unchartered territory and has to save the planet from the threat of Zurg.
-We have a name. For those of you we haven't told here it is

I have loved the name Max forever. It was a frontrunner when we named Rylan. Except that back then, Christina Aquilara and Jennifer Lopez had babies named Max and we were afraid that it was going to take off like some names do. As soon as I found out I was pregnant this time, I kinda sensed BOY and I liked Max from the start. Once we saw the name Maxton (in the high profile section of the newspaper of all places), we found our name. We had a moment, much like the moment when we found the perfect name, Rylan.


  1. Chillax! I'll be working that into my everyday vocabulary.
    Congrats on the blood pressure and pretty toe nails (I stopped being able to reach mine by, oh, 30 or so weeks along, so please tell me somebody else did them for you so I don't feel so darn inferior).
    And Maxton's a marvelous name. :)

  2. Oh, yeah. Those nice Asian ladies at Koto or whatever that place is at Shackleford crossing. I went with my friend who was 40 weekds pregnant, and I was 34 and those ladies had a LOT to say about us in their native tongue.