Friday, September 3, 2010

Those rare moments

When you have a newborn, you don't think about the fact that in a few short months, said newborn will learn to crawl, then walk, and then run. Sitting on your lap for a whole book, much less a movie becomes a thing of the past. Don't get me wrong. Rob and I are aware that we had a good run. Rylan was content to hang by us and sit in our laps, and be rocked to sleep a good 10 months before he found his crawling legs. At a year, he still let me go get a big stack of books and read to him. No more, Rylan's favorite nighttime activity is our own game of "ready, set, go" where he does line sprints across the living room for 20 minutes or so. He eventually settles down to look at a book all by himself. Usually around 8pm, he gets his blankie out of his crib and stands by his door moaning "maaaaammmmmaaaaa" until one of us puts him to bed.

So, we've learned to take the occassional cuddles, kisses and hugs and savor, savor, savor. I was in our room the other night and came out to this site. And what a magical site it was. Rylan and Rob, cute and cute, all cozied up watching TV together.

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  1. So very, very sweet, and I love the SpongeBob. :)