Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our latest visitors

Last weekend, Rob's parents came to visit us. Rylan loves having company. He immediately goes and gets on his bouncing zebra and then runs laps back and forth hoping for some laughter. He totally enjoyed handing out animal crackers and Grandma let him watch Toy Story 2 twice while Mama napped. Shazam!

Here Ry shows off our only living plants. Everything else burnt in the fire (or August heat, whatever you want to call it)
Happy times

Rob's mom, Sandy, brought us ribs and corn on the cob and baked beans for dinner. She always offers, and I always say no, just bring yourself. But, I'm a little off my game, now that I'm 77 weeks pregnant (okay, 34) and not up to my usual finding fun things to cook for guests, so I said "BRING IT ON!" It was delicious. And let's just say that ribs and corn go down on Rylan's favorites list.

Rylan had his friend, Aubrey, over on Tuesday. Neither one felt like taking a nap, and they are a little busy for me to sit and read to them, so I got them some scooters out and they had baby derby in the kitchen. Aubrey is nearly one, and she finds it highly hilarious to "chase" Rylan places. So, when she would catch up to his scooter, she would laugh hysterically. Good indoor fun.

"I might have picked up Rylan's water cup when you weren't looking. Can you tell?"

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