Thursday, October 14, 2010

We had a baby! We had a baby!

7:57 am October 1st, 2010
8 pounds, 6 ounces
21 inches long
14.25 inches of head
Maxton Robert Qualls is here!!!!

Despite being scared nearly the whole pregnancy, we safely made it to 39 weeks, and walked into the hospital ready to have a baby. We left Rylan with my mom and dad at our house, and I waddled into a nearly perfect labor situation. As perfect as I can get. In my previous birth, I was sick, I had high blood pressure, I was fuzzy headed from drugs they gave me, and the baby developed trouble (his cord was wrapped around his belly), requiring an emergency c-section. This time, all was calm. The biggest problem was that my bootie showed to all the birthing room while I got my spinal block.

Here is a pic that morning. In all my pregnant, pregnant glory. A little part of me was still wondering if there might be 2 babies in that belly.

I have no shot of my open back gown, booty in yo' face spinal block being placed. Your welcome.
Here is an awesome action shot. A benefit of having a c-section is that (well, besides getting to lay there and do jack crap instead of push) is that your husband has his hands free to take action shots. This is seriously an awesome shot. Check out that umbilical ord in the bottom left of the picture. Its like a fire hose.

I'm spying my baby for the first time. They are weighing him and suctioning him and letting Rob cut the fire hose umbilical cord. I was thinking "DANG, Rob and I make cute babies!"

I have a rag on my head because the spinal block made me viciously ill and I became afraid of hurling all over that tarp in front of me. The nice nurse anesthetist gave me some meds and this cold rag and I was good as gold.
And, finally I get to hold my baby. We are finally Rob and Sara Plus One Plus 1 More.
And let me just tell you, he is the snuggliest, sweetest little thing in the world. You put him up on your chest and he will mold into your shoulder and be your best friend.

I could look at this picture all day and night and it is getting an especially special place in my house. At first Rylan was a little more excited about the arrival of his cousins, the plethora of blue gloves in the hospital room, and the interesting tubes draining fluid in and our of his mama to really pay attention to his new brother. But, once most of the family left and he'd had his fill of gloves and such, he sat down and loved on his baby.

I'm sorry it took me 14 days. I have meant to blog so much sooner. Its just not nice to keep you hanging. Rob stayed home with us for a week and then my mommy came for most of the next week, so I wanted to take advantage of all the extra eyes and arms while I had them, and I napped and recovered. My c-section revovery is 100% better than my previous one. I've been so lucky.

Stay tuned. Let me get myself together with this whole life with 2 kids under 2 and I'll update with many more cute pics.


  1. Max is precious! And I'm pretty sure that shot of Rylan giving him a kiss is the sweetest thing I've ever, ever, ever seen, ever.

  2. Dang, you DO make cute babies! I'm so happy it was a good experience, better than the first time around. Big bro is the cutest in that photo. He's being so tender with the baby. You look like a supermodel minutes after birth, must spill your secrets for a glamorous delivery??