Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Years

May 2010 be a wonderful year for everyone. I am certainly looking forward to what this year holds. 2009 brought so many goods, a few speed bumps, and a lot of changing.

We started our 2010 with a trip to Mountain Home (we hadn't been to MH since Augest, then twice in a week???). Rob's best friend Travis and his wife hosted a New Year's get together at their house. We had a good time of Pictionary, Wii, and chatter. Us old folk didn't even notice when the clock struck midnight though, so at about 12:02 am there was a mumbled "Happy New Year" and a few smooches.

Then we had a nice, relaxing day with Rylan's Grammy and Papa, playing cards, watching football, and having our last huge meals before embarking on weight loss missions for everyone. Rob and I drove over to Harrison to see my best friend, Brigid and her wonderful family (what? 2 best friends in a week as well? Fabulous!) and a little trip down memory lane to a restaurant called Diamondhead. Then we went back for more Grammy and Papa time and got to see the Razorbacks win. Now that's a good start for 2010, Hoggies.

One snaffuuuu.......It snowed. And snowed. And snowed. And the current temp? 6 degrees. Not so much melting going on. Grammy and papa live a short 3 hr drive away from Little Rock. A three hour drive with about 1 1/2 hours of winding, hilly roads over a lake, rivers and through mountains. Its scary for one person, but add a kid and your whole world changes.

So, accidently, Rob and I have started 2010 with a 6 day vacation to Mountain Home. A little worried that Rob has had to miss two days of work, and that the forecast is calling for more snow eventually. But, there are much worse places to get stuck than your mom's house with 3 meals a day and electricity. And booze.

So, someday (hopefully today) Rob and Sara plus 1 will be getting back to Little Rock. We'll see.

Big news-my fam (including Rob) has embarked on a weight loss challenge. Look for Sara Qualls, RN to be the big winner, April 4th (Easter day) at the final weigh in. What WILL I do with all my money?????? Better go run in place.

Because my blogs are way more interesting with pics, here's a 2009 to 2010 comparison.


2009, with his T-rex claw out, 9lbs, staying one place, cooing

2010 , almost 30lbs, tearing down the tree, speaking in Chinese-like language, climbing on boxes, yet still cute

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