Thursday, January 14, 2010

Eating out of the Pantry....sorta

I had a goal, not to be confused with a resolution, of eating out of our pantry for the month of January and doing very little grocery shopping. The problem with this goal, is that outside of the pantry, the Qualls's keep running out of EXPENSIVE stuff: diapers, laundry detergent, diapers, razors, and diapers. I have also ran into 3 events that required me to bring a "dish." There are also a few things in our pantry that you don't just run out of and keep living a happy life: coffee and peanut butter. They are the mold that keep us happy and sassy in the Qualls house. So, I've gone for 2 small trips to the store for these needed items. For my events requiring a "dish" I've tried to use what I had or bring something with fruits and veggies, since my goal included being able to purchase produce. My friends are probably going to kick me out for bringing the healthy items. Our grand grocery total is up to $65.

Rylan doesn't care if the food is new or cleaned out of the pantry or freezer. He just wants it NOW. Usually the name "MAMA!!!" comes when his plate is clean. One particulary loud "MAMA" night promted me to literally throw a whole tortilla in front of him in a moment of mommy hysteria. He was very happy with this decision. Now I have to go back to the calm "in a minute, let me cut you some more healthy yummies" voice.
Notice he's wearing the strap to his high chair like a shaw. This sweet boy is so good 99% of the time. This was a 1% night.

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