Saturday, January 30, 2010

First haircut

So, Rylan's a big boy now. And, no, I don't mean he is tall and heavier than most 1 year olds. He has required a haircut, which in our book, means he's getting old. Rob wanted to wait to 18 months. He does have precious wavy locks that curl just right after a bath. The only problemo, is that during his much needed naps something would happen. He would get a little sweaty and his hair would fro and he'd stand in his crib yelling and we'd come in to Baby Donald Trump. So, off to the cutter we go.

We figured for the first cut, we'd go all out and go to the swanky place

He got to sit in this cool airplane and suck on a dum dum. All he cared about was the dum dum, she could have shot lazers out of her nose and he would have stared at her sucking on his dum dum. They are geniuses.

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