Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!!

This has been, by far, the best Christmas. For one, Rob and I have an adorable one year old that is seeing things for the first time: lights, trees, ornaments, and SANTA! Everything took on a whole new meaning last year, but its even better this year. I think a big part is that Rylan isn't a month-old itty bitty that I stuck in reindeer outfits and placed under the tree. Another reason is that we simplified Christmas majorly this year. We chose names on Rob's side of the family and played Dirty Santa on my side, so only four presents there. Rob and I have backed down on the loot we give each other significantly.

We didn't, however cut our spending on Rylan. Ooops. We tried. We failed. We'll do better. He got a wagon (like, a super dee-duper, Tim the Toolman Taylor souped up Red Rider Wagon) and a Scout dog that can be programed to say his name, play music and talk to him about his favorite foods and animals and colors. And he got books. And some clothes. And pj's. And a Dance Baby Dance CD. And some fruit bars. That was just from Rob and I. Once again, oops.

We went to my parents for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Rylan helped his Aunt Tam frost cookies along with Zoe and Anthony. Everyone was busy and nobody noticed that Zoe had dumped almost a whole container of candy Santa's on her cookie and there was a white mound on top of her frosting. She picked it up, Santa's falling off and says "I eat this now." By the time I snapped a shot, most of the santas had met a certain end.

Rylan made out like a bandit, scoring a guitar that plays cool songs like "Loveshack" and "Allstar," bath toys, clothes, a four wheeled scooter, and many other cool toys. The adults played Dirty Santa. I feel awful to this day, but I stole Tammy's gift. I've been wanting one of the those wallets forever and can't talk myself into it. I hope she enjoys the jewelry, movie, and slippers she got.
One of Anthony's presents, a Toy Story tent for his bed
The cousins in their Christmas getups. Ry showing a little belly.
My Christmas bumpkin

Rob scored a book about the 500 things you must eat before you die. Totally up our ally. We paged through it the other night, and you'll be glad to know that Rob only has 498 things to eat before he dies. He has already tasted a Cotham's burger and McClard's here in Arkansas. Is it wrong that we were mind planning trips around certain eateries?

After some presents, some yummy dinner, the ones that were still awake trekked to Midnight Mass (which in a retirement community of Mtn. Home, is actually at 11pm). It had beautiful music and made the Christmas feeling really set in, but by 1230 we were all starting to fade. We walked out after mass and what do we see???? SNOW. We had a white Christmas!

My mom did an art project and made reindeer shirts for the kids using their feet
for reindeer faces and their hands for the antlers. I'm hoping my sisters of parents
got a better shot of the the three showing off their shirts.

"Thanks for this awesome box Grammy and Papa!!!!" He has no idea their is better stuff inside. Just did flips on the box for about 30 minutes.

After a relaxing Christmas Day, including games, more food, and a movie DATE for Rob and I, we came home via Batesville, so we could have a nice meal (because we are thin and needed more food) with Rob's parents. Rylan got more toys, including some Bristle Blocks that were a favorite of Rob's in his youth. My mother in law had my name, and guess what I got???? A gift card to Michaels!!! AKA home of scrapbooking paraphernalia!!!!!

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