Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I have been lacking in the blogging department. The truth is, we lost our camera charger (new one has been ordered), so no picture taking or uploading is going on. And, without cute Ry picks, its just really not the kinda blog you wanna read.

Here are some funny Rylan stories
-We went to Barnes and Noble to play with the train table and Rylan put both hands on the train table and "dropped it like its hot" twice. In case you don't know this is a dance move where you hang onto something (or go no hands if you are brave) and drop your body till your butt nearly touches the floor. He looked around to make sure everyone was looking.

-Today, his bad mom waited too long to change his diaper and realized when she was ready to check out at Kroger that he'd wet through the diaper, and pants, and down the leg, and onto the cart seat. Oops.

-Rylan now runs and his very favorite thing to do is to walk/run around the house holding two things. Usually a kleenex and sock combo. Last night it was two shoes and he was so excited about his two shoe find.

One thing I do have pics of is Rylan's first major boo boo. He fell in our driveway. His little feet got all twisted when he was trying to turn around. He got a little road rash. Let me tell you. When you are pregnant you get a lot of comments "how far along are you, wow you are big for 22 weeks." When you have a new baby you get alot of compliments. "why do you have that little baby out in this weather???" Well, when you go out with a 1 year old with road rash, you get ALOT of comments. "been walking much?", "I see the road won", "did mama not hold your hand?" I have to say, that never in my life have I told a stranger that her gigantic belly looks like it might bust open, I've never told a new mom to get her bootie back home, and I have never commented on a little ones boo boos. I guess I'm weird.

Still smiling
Poor baby

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