Monday, November 30, 2009

God bless the Pilgrims and Indians

Let's really be thankful that the Pilgrims gave up their ewwwy English food, ala Beans on Toast, Curry Suppa, and Yorkshire Pudding. Good job Indians. Cause I know you got done smoking your peace pipe and courting Pocahontus and taught us city folks some Green Bean Casserole and Sweet Potato with marshmellows (pretty sure they had lots of marshmellows).

I have to say, this past Thanksgiving was in my top three favorites (right under the one where Rob and I had a newborn baby that was precious and wonderful, took said infant to a Chinese restaurant, napped all afternoon and ate Pumkin roll for dinner). We went to our favorite town of Fayetteville, home of all 3 of our siblings. We ate lunch at Angie's house and dinner at Staci's. It had actually crossed my mind to "borrow back" some of my maternity pants I loaned to a girl that is currently preggors, because Rob and I have never done the two Thanksgiving meals in one day. But, we received some good advice from our friend Justin that has partaken in the two gigantic Thanksgivings ever since he started dating my girl Debbie. "Its a marathon, not a sprint."

I contributed Hashbrown Casserole and Apple Pie to Angie's house, Broccoli Cheese Rice casserole and a second Apple Pie for Staci's. I thought I was stepping it up because all of my people are full time gals and I wanted to help out more because I am a tiny bit less than full time. Let me tell you about my full time working friends and fam.....they cooked a ton. How do they do it???? Wonder Women. I'm pretty sure.
What Thanksgiving isn't complete
without a game of Pin the Tail on the Turkey
I lost
Rob and Jr. trying out Angie's "shoe shine chair." And no,
we are not Texas Longhorn fans, that is simply a super-cute jersey
outfit Gram found for Ry. Don't worry.
Trying to join in on some Jenga fun
Staci's house, cousin Marley helping open some belated b-day presents
A run-by hugging from Marley
First trampoline jump, loved it

Hairdo by Anthony

Pretty neice, Zoe. You can tell she's saying "let me see"
Rob and Mini-Me in their Jimi Hendrix shirts

More to come on our fabulous four day weekend. Must hang Christmas gear while BTB (Best Thanksgiving Baby) sleeps!

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