Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I'm glutten for punishment. I'm aware. I got up at 3:45am to start getting ready for Black Friday. And I took friends!!!!!!!!! Well, 2 sisters and a Mama. Its not that I had anything in mind exactly that I HAD to buy. I wasn't packing a weapon to shank someone on the way to my 1000inch TV. I just simply wanted to get the shopping done before the latecomers flocked in and made the lines uber long. Plus, I kind of have this baby with what you might call "a sleeping late hater." So, there was a window of time that I had to get the heck out of dodge before the Sleep Hater woke up and needed my attention. Apparently, I need to shop at ungodly hours more often. I get a text at 7:15am from Rob that Ry has just stirred. WHAT? (its currently 6:45am and we've been up for nearly two hours, I think its me he hates).

Anyway, several bags of 1/2 off dresses shirts, the requisite Stay at Home Mom Jogging suit, and a few Christmas present later the four Rohr girls met the well rested husbands and children for some food. Much needed food. We had been standing in lines, trying on gaggles of clothes and trying not to cuss for hours at that point. Two turkey dinners the day before were long, distant memories.

Rob and I decided to make a whole 4 day weekend of Thanksgiving and stayed to visit and relax, since most of our Fayettville trips are a rushed visit, a quick Woo Pig Sooie, and back to LR. We had another nice visit with Rob's sister. No pics, she was still pajamed after her marathon cooking Thanksgiving day. Rylan scored some awesome Brown Bear and Goodnight Moon books. That Brown Bear is about as addictive to him as Baby Einstein. He just loves it. Thanks Sister Staci!

Then, since Rylan and his cousin Zoe have b-days two days apart, I baked some cupcakes so they could have a joint birthday party and give each other their gifts. Red velvet was a real bad idea.

Notice the dog cleaning him

Still not as bad as the green icing event from his actual bday.

THEN, as if our weekend wasn't splended enough, we were invited to Jose's on Dickson to see a friend's band. Jose's allows children. Little children. Little babies (toddlers) that have never been to bars before. In the words of Reece Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama "you have a baby, in a bar." And that is where he was born. The BBB. Best Bar Baby. There are 3 things that Rylan loves in this world that were all combined in one Jose yummy.
1. Mexican food
2. Music
3. People

Here's a video

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