Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Good-bye Britney, Hello Taylor Swift

When Rylan was a newborn, super-crazy Britney had just come out with Womanizer. I sang it all the time. It was on my "get off your booty and clean" soundtrack. It's catchy. Then Rylan started smiling and giggling. I noticed he smiled and giggled when I sang Womanizer. So I sang it more often and with gusto. This was a nice situation for both of us until I decided I needed to learn all the lyrics if I was going to whole-heartedly endorce Super-Crazy's song. So I went on a four mile walk and played Womanizer on repeat. I learned lots of the lyrics, but found that maybe it wasn't K-Fed, her mom, or back to back pregnancies that sent Britney over the edge. It was her own music. I now cannot play Womanizer without feelings of anxiety.

I'm now hooked on Tween Taylor Swift's song You Belong To Me. In typical Sara fashion, I only know a smidge of the song and choose to sing that repeatedly. I give it some umpfh when I sing it to Ry-bear just so he can realize its the new "Womanizer." Its just a tiny bit more age appropriate.

I have learned some actual kid-friendly songs at the little Storytime we go to, and Rylan does enjoy them. But Taylor Swift says "you've got a smile that could light up this whole town." I'm pretty sure she was talking about Rylan, not a Jonas Brother.

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