Sunday, November 8, 2009


It was bound to happen.
He is almost 1 (sigh....)
He has been a precious angel baby 99% of his life and any actions on his part to the contrary have been blamed on either illness or teething. Not many almost 1 year olds (sigh....) have had illnesses in the double digits and grown 10 teeth. Its hard, so any crazy behavior on Ry's part has been well overlooked.

Rylan was a Bad Church Baby (BCB) this morn. He did that thing that used to drive me crazy where he wanted to come to me, then back to Rob, then back to me. The minute you would take him, he would lunge (his 27lb body!) over to the other. He then pulled the lady in front of us's hair, he threw his cup, he shouted Dada so it would echo, and he pulled my shirt down in the front so that Jesus saw all of Sara's glory.

Back to the cry room we go. We had a good run. Once we found this church, Christ the King, we were hooked on their child friendliness, wide pews, and loud singing to cover babe's cries. There is usually enough going on and other kids to look at that Rylan is enamored and doesn't make a peep.

The BCB is turning the big 1 next weekend. So sad, yet excited. Its been positively the best year of my whole life. If all the crapola illnesses still got us where we are today, I'll take them, because the payoff for our troubles is priceless. He is a great big ball of total preciousness! He is so loving and snuggly. I haven't posted pics of him crawling, but he is all over it now! We are working on walking, he is still a little iffy about wanting to go it alone. I think the fact that he is 7-10lbs and 3-5 inches over other kids his age gives him a lot to have to learn to balance.

The BCB is sleeping, and I am learning that when he sleeps, I need to get moving. I tried to teach him to dust, but he only wanted to eat the rag, dust and all. I assume this would mean that I will still be doing the cleaning for awhile.

His Indian Name is One Sock. Here is One Sock sad about the rain.

Crawling through his fish tunnel.

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