Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Puddy-Pop Turns One

My name is Rylan and I am the big 1 year old. I currently weigh 28 pounds and am 32 inches tall. I crawl really good and can pull myself up and walk around holding onto things. I'm not quite ready to let go, it gives me the heebie-jeebies. I really love spaghetti and meatballs, chili, and any kind of sugary yummy. I like jelly-toast, sliced cheese and all fruits. I will pick veggies over any other food (yay for mom and dad). I like to say "dada" all day. I call for him often. I look at mommy in the rear view mirror, wave and say "dada." I LOVE my two doggies, even though they don't love me. They do love the massive amounts of food I drop on the floor. I have a smile that can light up a room, a good hearty laugh to tell you when you are being REALLY funny, and I like to cozy up for long hugs. I give a soft and slow high five. I like to stick my fingers up mom's nose and pull dad's beard. Mom and Dad get told all the time that I'm a good baby and they agree. They got super lucky. I can sit in a restaurant without getting antsy for a good hour. I sit in my stroller and flirt with the ladies while mama gets a haircut. I WAS being a super good baby and going on long, long walks (up to 8 miles) with my mom till she went and broke her foot. I still like to jump in the jumparoo and I rarely go to sleep in it anymore. Rarely. My newest obsession is the dishwasher. I'm in love with it. I crawly at about 50mph when the lid goes down. I love my Tot Rider 2 and if I'm in it, you better put shoes on. I love getting read stories and getting piggy back rides. I have been a little ill my first year of life, but I took it like a champ and I'm still a big strong healthy boy. Thanks for reading my blog this last year. It may not always be the most interesting blog in all the land, but its helping my Ma document my growth till she gets the umph to scrapbook the 1.2 million pictures of me.

Love, Rylan Alexander (aka- Rylee-roo, Ry-bear, Ry-lex, Rob Jr, Puddy Pop, Bubba, Bubbaganush, Ry Ry, Pee Pants, Creature, and Rymeweiner)

Rob and I seem glutton for punishment, as we decided to forgo the pre-planned Whole Hog catered birthday food and make everything ourselves, being one paycheck shy of a 2 paycheck household nowadays. We cooked a BBQ pork, baked beans, pasta salad, and chips (okay we bought those)!

Rylan hadn't the slightest idea as mom and dad were running around in BBQ Pork Butt chaos that when he woke from his nap, people, balloons and cake would be a plenty and it was all for him. We were blessed to have grandparents from each side, friends and coworkers. Probably 20 something people in all and lots and lots and lots of presents. The weather was perfect and the cake was DIVINE!

Here's Rylan, thinking it was just a normal day, "helping with the dishes."
Rylan enjoying the cake to its fullest
Could care less about the presents
Jungle cake for our Jungle boy

May I just add that texts about a BBQ pork butt between a husband and wife that think they are the two funniest people on the planet go like this:
"couldn't find Butt at Kroger"
"I'll go to the other and look for butt"
"do we smoke or crock-pot the butt?"
"I don't know, the butt is our oyster."

We crock-potted the butt to answer any questions. If you ever have a shindig, I highly recommend it. Stick a pork butt in your crock pot with some water and let it go all night. The next morning, shred it or chop it up and add BBQ sauce. Delish. Ry added to his Yummers List. And green icing. We shant talk about what copious amounts of green icing ingested by a one year old look like a day later.

Here's some vid of Rylan once Rob helped him figure out the cake was more than a mound of icing.

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