Sunday, November 22, 2009

Missing in Action, back for a Recap

I haven't the slightest idea what I've been doing instead of updating my blog so that all the many, many blog readers (all 4 of you!) can see pics of the major goings on at the Qualls house. I guess we've had a busy few weeks.

First of all, Rylan and I quit our jobs a few weeks back. Mine was a part-time gig at the Children's Hospital GI Lab as a nurse. I will still go back, maybe twice a month, starting in December. Rylan's job was to be super cute and get tons of love and kisses at the Tiny Town in East End. He LOVED his job. The only problem was that if said love and kisses contained even a smidgen of wayward bacteria, a nasty illness would ensue.

Also, Rylan had his very first Halloween. Rob and I didn't know what to do when you only have one kid and he can't eat any of the candy and you have a neighborhood that isn't PERFECT for trick-or-treating. We got lucky. Rylan's Aunt Tammy came for a visit and we hung out with her. We went to a chili-cookoff (no pictures, sorry), went over to our friend Elizabeth's for dinner, and went to a few houses on our block to show off the always adorable, but even more so because of a special Sock Monkey outfit, Rylan. Then we hung out on the porch and watched all the kids come and go. Rylan could watch other kids all day and all night, everyday of the week. It was a very cute, very good day.

Someone had an issue wearing a hat

Catching a ride from dear ole' dada

Waiting for the treaters with Aunt Tam

Hanging with our pumpkins, Angry and Goofy

More to come on one certain little boys 1 year birthday. Lots 'o' friends, family, green icing, and fun. I promise to be more prompt. We are knee deep in ear infection number 1,338 and I feel that rocking little love bumps the blog out of the way for now.

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