Thursday, November 5, 2009

SAHM continued......

I've mentioned before that I've discovered websites where Stay At Home Moms teach you how to live on very very very little. I'm hooked. The world wide web is my oyster, and that oyster is more confusing than a Human Anatomy class after a Physiological Chemistry class with a Medical Terminology mixer. These ladies have so mastered the coupon and on-sale world, that their weekly grocery budget is $60 for families of 5-8! I don't lie. And they have pictures of all the groceries that they got for like $19. One girl (my fam has heard this story) even puts pics of her "feminine products" and brags about how cheap they were. I have been researching these sites and trying to learn their lingo and such, but I got all discombobulated. I haven't even quit my job and I've sent my stress level in overdrive just trying to calculate a store coupon, mixed with a manufacturer coupon, subtracted from a sale price, and will this particular product give me Registar Rewards, or Kroger-Bucks, or 10 cents a gallon off gas, or a gift card for something I don't need?

Here's the deal. We looked at finances and put together a budget that is very flexible. We won't end up sleeping in a tent made of expired coupons if I don't learn the Stay at Home Mommy on a budget plan that these ladies have. Simply cutting back on eating out, continuing my coupon clipping and cooking at home progress that I've already made will do just fine. But, once I realized that was out there, I feel challenged to conquer it. I did have a week were I kept the groceries down to $70. So proud. Had to talk about it. Then I followed it by this week, with much much much more than that already spent, and Rylan down to a small stash of only 6 diapers. But, I'll get there.

One lady gets $5 per online survey that she takes. I tried it, it took 10 years to finish one survey, I thought of all the things I could have done during that time and all I got was a lousy $5. But, seriously, why didn't somebody tell me about those surveys while I was on bedrest? I could have made Rob and I millions! I will probably just stick to hanging out with Stink Bottoms for awhile and learn the ropes of being a stay at home mama. I do like to give my opinion though.........

So don't look on the blog tomorrow expecting a pic of the tampons I picked up for 45cents. But if I get a butt-load of groceries for $19, I probably would feel compelled to post a pic. Just keeping it real.

I know our real reason for me quitting was for Rylan's health this winter, but I'll give you my back up reason in a photo.

I just simply love this boy.

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  1. I am so happy for you getting to stay home(and i'm super jealous)! We have tried figuring out a way for me to but it just can't happen right now.

    I just have to tell you I get the biggest kick out of reading your blog-you write just like you talk-which cracks me up. I can just hear you in your Tammy voice making jokes.