Friday, October 30, 2009

Bored Shmored

Counting down the days till Ry and I are coworkers. I've gotten some comments about how bored I'll be. I'm aware it might not be as stimulating as a pediatric colonoscopy. I am also aware that the minute I realized I get to (for sure!) hang out with Rylan full time and work maybe twice a month, a huge smile graced my face. I know I'll get bored. I know if Ry could talk, some days he would say "take me to my Tiny Town." I also know that I love love love being his mommy. I love being home with him and taking him to fun places. I also know that if there is any way taking him out of daycare will make him less sick, I'll do it. I also know that if we have another year like the previous year (illness wise) I'll be blogging from a padded room. RSV, broken foot, bedrest, ear surgery, tongue surgery, bronchitis, Fifth's disease and Piggy flu nearly made the whole house Crazy Town. We deserve some good wholesome healthy family fun. Not that the past year has been a bad one. Its been the best year of our lives. We just would assume not repeat certain aspects, that's all. So, I'll take some boredom. Bring it.

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