Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I hit a new high and low today.

My high: I saved $47.50 with coupons at Walmart. I got a gigantic amount of groceries for under $130. I was very proud of my coupon clipping self. (I need to add that I had 7 Similac coupons, so that was a major amount of the savings, but $47 bucks is 47 bucks.)

My low: I realized, with a secret smile, that I enjoy holding up the line at Walmart while the annoyed cashier scans my 150 coupons. It used to give me the shakes and GI upset to try not to look at the nasty stares I was getting from the people behind me. They were paying full price and they don't care. They probably also get name brand everything. They used to make me so nervous, I wouldn't use too many coupons just to appease them. Now I find myself clipping coupons that I would normally have left in the garbage can. I find myself buying 2 packages of cheese instead of one so I can get the full $1 off! That is what the freezer is for.

I do keep my inner happiness to myself. I say "Self, you just saved money so that you can work less and play more with little bambino. Now you can stick that saved money in saving so you can take said bambino to the zoo in Memphis like you are planning."

Someday, very far away, I will find the strength to shout to the cashier and angry soccer moms and geriatric clientele that frequent the supermarket at the same time as me to SUCK IT! Take a picture of me with your snazzy phone and put that picture on your wall, car, screen saver, and wallpaper as the woman that you need to steer clear of at the supermarket. I'm taking my $47.50 and laughing all the way to the bank. After I purchase prozac and Immodium for what that kind of confrontation would do to me.

I challenge anyone who has ever given me the "you are so cheap" look to write me a check for a million dollars. You can make the Pay to the Order of say COUPON CLIPPING CRAZY LADY for all I care. If I had a million dollars, not only would I (probably) not use coupons, but I would (most likely) even buy name brand items, though there is nothing wrong with consuming something called Diet Dr. Thunder. I could even pay someone to go grocery shopping for me. I know Rylan would totally dig not having to sit in the cart while Mom puts stuff in the basket without letting him knaw on the corners at all.

To close, I'll add a picture of my cuter than most little Gerber baby. He is a delight to have and I'm lovin' me some Rylan Alexander. I'm very proud of my little bumkin. We went to get shots today and got to go the Well Child Waiting Room. This was only the second time in his 9 month life (and 20 or so doctors visits) that we got to go there. Its the little things.

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