Sunday, August 9, 2009

The challenges of crawling

Its tough to be Rylan. At least he thinks it is. In a world full of bountiful fruits, veggies and brownies, his mom tries to limit his bottle intake to 4-5 a day and his teething biscuit quota to 3! In a house of two doggies he's not allowed to pull ears or eat fur! And with 2 hands and 2 feet he is still unable to motor function the crawling. Its annoying really. Those TV remotes and clothes hangers are just RIGHT over there, how to get to them????

We start out happy.

Then there is the roll around.
Then the look under the blanket, just in case nothing is being stored in there.
Then the bellow "who's going to come get me and take me to _____(insert fun grown up toy or food here such as scissors, hangers, remotes, or beers)". He rams his head into the floor and booty in the air.

Eventually he gathers all his willpower and rolls where he needs to go. Rob and I are very slowly catching on that our once papoosed little infant is now getting mobile. Rob caught him eating our plant today.

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