Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Five reasons you know you gave birth to the coolest kid, ever
1. He watched 4th of July fireworks, without crying for a good hour. He was a champ of the boomers.
2. He talks in a high pitched alien voice that only he can decipher and I'm pretty sure dogs everywhere are on high alert.
3. He is super happy 99% of the time.
4. He is the biggest cuddler.
5. When you go to get him in the morning his smile makes your whole day better.

Five reasons we know our kid is pretty normal
1. He is eight months old and I am nowhere close to sleeping through the night.
2. He spilled a glass of water on the floor of a nice restaurant and then leaned over the side of his high chair, hysterical with laughter at the sight of me cleaning it up.
3. He hates WalMart, Kroger, and Sam's
4. You could wheel him around Babies R Us for hours without a peep.
5. He has Rob and I wrapped around each of his 10 sticky fingers.

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