Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Why don't you just google me?

There is a list on the blogger webmaster site that has google searches that cause your blog to come up. Here is ours:

Baby Shakespeare
Weight Watcher Pistachio Dream
Spiderman Underwear
Spiderman Undies
Boy stinky diaper
Bedazzle my boot
Rash from pool
Boy laying in spiderman undies
Boys underwear spiderman

So, I freaked OUT. Who is googling "boy laying in spiderman undies?" AND, when did I write about Spiderman undies? I seriously cannot remember a detailed blog about spiderman undies, and now I've said spiderman undies 17,000 times and my blog will come up even higher and OMG!!!!

Sidenote-"bedazzle my boot?" I kill myself with laughter sometimes. "Boy stinky diaper?" Nice. Rash from pool? Like a dagger in my heart. And, it wasn't a rash, google, it was the shits. Get it right, google.

So, I googled 'boys underwear spiderman' and went 7 deep in the google pages and never saw my blog. I did find a blog written by a 14 year old that still wears spiderman undies. So, I figured blogger lies (entirely possible) or some people were really in need of a good story on spiderman undies. Well, if you hit google images for Spiderman underwear, sure enough, this post will get you a pic of Ry having a potty party, complete with new Spiderman undies. And now I've said it 3 extra times, so I've probably moved us up like 3 pages in googleville. AND I've searched for spiderman undies so many times, that if our computer ever gets checked for what we've looked up, the checkers will surely assume I'm some freak who wants to google spiderman undies. (I'll blame Rob, or Rylan).

Hey! You! This blog is for my sarcastic stories to be told, my fat blasting nonsense to have a home, but and my children to get seen by family and friends. There are no spiderman undies to see here. Well, not many.

There are pics of a diaper wearing, snow shoe wearing cowboy.

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