Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Playing catchup

I have come to realize that I am just one of those bloggers that remembers to post for several days in a row and then forgets/doesn't have time/finds anything to do but blog for a week or two.....or more. The good news is that we were super busy working, going to playdates, and generally being healthy. KNOCK ON WOOD. 

Last last weekend, my parents stopped in on their way home from Gulf Shores. My kids were ape shit excited about their Grammy and Papa coming. Could not sleep. Could not stop running in circles.

Looking at pictures on the Ipad. 

3/4 people obliging my need to take a pic in front of a very glaringly bright window, and a lurker dog.

It was Grammy's birthday. I finally perfected non-dairy cake icing. Its not pretty, but it is pretty delicious. It was good to have Grammy and Papa in town. 

Last Tuesday we hosted our friend, Andrew (kid in the middle) so his mom could work (ewwww) and I had a 4,3,2 year old situation. 
I rolled out Christmas wrapping that probably cost all of $1 and they had the best fun destroying it. Fun toddler idea. 

And then this happened last night at dinner. Rylan told me that his dad wanted to eat with a dinosaur. 

In "Sara doesn't want to be a fatty fatterson news".....I have been rocking a healthier lifestyle. I don't have pounds lost to talk about because my scale's battery ran out and its one of those circular battery thingamajobs that I keep forgetting to buy. The thing is.....in the past with weight loss, my body takes a LONG time to lose pounds on the scale. And it is so slow. Like I will work like a demon and lose 0.5 pounds and be sad and forlorn and I'll console myself in a Sonic Blast. Not weighing myself for the last 3 weeks seems like what I needed. I have worked out no less than 5 times a week and I have stuck to my calorie goals on MyFitnessPal 90% of the time.  I'm planning to weigh March 1. Two months since the new year, about 5 weeks into being really serious about it. We'll see........

I hope it sticks. Seriously. This morning, I bounced out of bed before the alarm (which was set for 5:20am) and made baked oatmeal and stuck it in the oven, then went and walked/ran 30 minutes. By 6:08am I had baked breakfast and done a workout. My energy is up, up, up. Last Sunday, we had our Valentines date at Bonefish. I got up before church and walked/ran 30 minutes, then after church I walked with the kids to the duck pond in our neighborhood and then in the afternoon, when I wanted to take a nap, I swept and mopped my kitchen and vacuumed to burn extra calories. I ate a small lunch and had celery for a snack. I went into my date with 800+ calories. We had a great dinner and we decided to go get milkshakes after dinner at Big Orange. Our poor kids are dairy free, so we have to sneak ice cream on our dates!!! Anyway, I could not finish the shake, not even close and I was so ill feeling. So sad, but I see this as progress. My stomach was rebelling my previous dessert choice. It just wanted its usual Fiber One brownie with cool whip on top!  I asked Rob if we could go to Home Depot (totally sexy Valentines, no?) to look at all the home repair stuff because I wanted to walk a bunch after such a big meal. 

What am I doing? I am currently alternating the Zumba Rush video with the Couch to 5K Training Program. Zumba Rush is so fun, I really hope I don't get sick of it any time soon. After I shed some poundage, I'll start Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred again, it involves a LOT of jumping jacks and such, and I didn't want to do that to my knees and feet until I weigh a little less. I am not on a diet. I am trying to make better choices. Nothing is off limits. I use MyFitnessPal to track calories, according to my weight, how fast I want to lose, and how active I am just working or taking care of kids, I am allotted 1500 calories. I try not to use any calories I get from working out, but sometimes, I gotta. Like when I go to Bonefish and then to get a milkshake at Big Orange.

This post is already freakishly long, so I'll save some recipes and foods I've found helpful for another post.

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