Sunday, July 24, 2011

What happens when your 9 month old has 7.5 teeth

I do not lie, this sweet cheeked, happy little munchkin has a mouth like a shark and our shoulders are, apparently, tasty treats. You hold him up in front of you and he opens his mouth and goes at your nose. It is like an episode of True Blood in this house.

That little baby in his right hand? Sometimes he crawls around with that baby's head in his mouth!!!
He carries his stuff like a tiger
He's still so cute and loveable.

So, after Max was born, Rylan probably thought his new name was "Be Gentle!!!"

Now, I bet Max thinks his name is "No bite!"

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  1. At least your kids get their teething misery over in a flash. MY kid, on the other hand, gets 'em one at a time and requires a minimum of one month's time per tooth, making sure to agonize and ooze and gripe appropriately for each one. Fun times, lemme tell ya.
    True Blood never looked so cool and snuggly and awesome. :) ...seriously, 'cause that show really freaks my stuff out.