Friday, July 15, 2011

Blueberry Pickin Good Times

Before the 900th epidemic hit us this year I was putting this little blogpost together about our trip to the blueberry farm last week. I wanted to do this last year with Rylan, but I was SO pregnant and my body was SO mean to me about being pregnant, that it never worked out. I tried to find us some strawberries to pick earlier this spring, but most of the farms by us weren't able to have U-pick fields because of all the storms we got during spring. When I started investigating blueberry picking, I discovered that there is a U-pick berry farm less than 10 minutes from our house. This is amazing to me, since NO WHERE is a ten minute drive from our house. Not even a good gas station or grocery store. We did recently get a Daylight Donuts, cause out of everything in this world, a donut shop is EXACTLY what my giggly booty needs! They do have excellent donut holes though.

Anyway, back to berry picking. Rylan loves fruit. Especially "BERRIES". He gets so freakin excited about them everytime he sees them in the fridge. Max, well Max loves life in general. Every day is the new best day of his whole life (until you want him to sleep) and he was totally in for some blueberry picking fun.

Ry didn't so much PICK the blueberries as EAT the blueberries. In all honesty, I should have had the guy weigh Rylan before we went to pick and after and paid the difference. It took lots of effort on my part to actually have blueberries in our bucket, ahead of what Rylan was eating. Eventually he got full and quit eating. At which time he declared our adventure as DONE and said "go home, Mommy." Bossy little sucker.

I pressed on and plied him with food and drink long enough to get 3 pounds picked. He'll thank me every morning that we have blueberry pancakes, our family's very favorite blueberry food.

I finally got the picking wrapped up and was ready to leave, when lo and behold, Rylan found friends and together they climbed to the top of a mulch pile, where Rylan decided, that I am a genius and I choose all the fun places to go. This place had MULCH.

Then I made us leave because it was hot as Africa and we were low on sunscreen. I lost my new spot as genius mom and went back to mean mom. But he has no heat stroke or sunburn and we've already had blueberry pancakes twice, so phhhht.

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  1. Blueberries and mulch...I'm pretty sure Lily would say that Rylan had the most perfect day EVER.