Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August: please bring health, we've got the happiness

Notice a difference between the left foot and the right foot in the ankle area? Perhaps the ant infected bulge coming out the right one? I'm starting to get my feelings hurt at this point.

So, the recap for July is: a flu epidemic, a head injury, double ear infections and 2 anaphalactic ant bite reactions. Yes, I said it, TWO ant bite reactions. AND double ear infections for Maxerdoodles. And guess what else? The ear tube in his right ear is clogged!!! I am putting drops in there that might clear it, but he might have to have more surgery. Sad times.
Here's his "I'm still happy and trying to have fun even though my head feels like it
needs to blow off" face. Love that little boy.

Luckily, we have some awesome family and friends taking care of us, you know, when we aren't infecting them with our filth! In between the crazy, we had a nice visit from my sister, a visit to my parent's house, and Rob's parent's house, and lots of fun playdates.

We've actually went to Jump Zone twice in the last month and I forgot to post pics from the first one, so I'm combining the two. Basically, its a gigantic building full of blown up bouncies and the kids can run and play and bounce and slide and be crazy.

Sweet Andrew
Max and Eli in the toddler area

ANYWAY, Jump Zone is so totally fun. I've been scared of it forever. I thought Rylan would need lots of my help, and that I wouldn't be able to keep an eye on Max. Turns out, Rylan could get on almost everything himself, and there was even one that Max could go in.

Max enjoying some "jump" time before all the big kids show up

There was an attempt to take a group photo. This is how good it went
Rylan and sweet Addi having a blast on the slide.

This is Max's newest cuteness. He waves. Just like this, sticks a hand out, all fingers spread. Its so sweet.

And here are some pics of our trip to my parents house. You know, before we infected them with our flu-ness.

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  1. If it makes you feel any better, your bulging ant bite foot STILL looks better than my freakish crooked toe foot. And you make really cute kids. And you've got a wonderful, amazingly supportive family. Just trying to be positive for you here...'cause, dear friend, you're having a seriously rough, not-fair time, and I feel for ya in the worst way. :(