Friday, July 8, 2011

Bob Ross or an exhibitionist?

So, I'm trying to be more worldly with Rylan (and Max) and be a creative, hip mom. It helps even out the Buzz and Elmo and Kung Fu Panda that goes down at our house. I woke up one day and realized that if we don't go anywhere, we read books, watch TV, clean, and stare at Panda Figurines. Or at least that's what it feels like. I'm sure there is more, but some days I wonder.

I got some ideas from some book I found at a garage sale about how to entertain your toddler.

First we did painting using an old sheet and a fly swatter. You put paint on a cookie sheet, and use the fly swatter instead of a paint brush. I had visions of Rylan getting out all his two year old angst smacking the swatter full of paint into that sheet. And visions of the swatter making Bob Ross happy tree looking things all over our old sheet. He wasn't really into it. So I decided that my effort would not be in vain, and we dipped his feet and hands and did hand prints on the sheet. Which he loved. And he loved that paint so much he rubbed it on his legs and arms. And face. And hair. It was almost like he needed some privacy for his paint bath.

Cute little Max feet

He rather liked frolicking IN it as well (check out the tush area)

Rubbing the paint on his belly

Uh huh, this day turned into Rylan turning himself into art as well.

So worth it to see that smile.

Both little projects were a fun detour from our everyday routine. I also have discovered $1 Panda Bear coloring books are a big hit and having Rylan make fake pizzas with playdough. I was given a broccoli/peanut butter piece of pizza last week.

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  1. I read "Boss Rob" in the title so I expected a tale of your husband's adventures. Once again you've amazed me with your preschool activity skills. I guess I need to learn to make happy little trees with real paint, I've been making my kids paint with water on the sidewalk.