Friday, July 1, 2011

New blog

So, I might be glutton for punishment, but I finally did something I've meant to do for a really long time. I've started another blog. Its a food blog. Recipes that I've tried and liked. Recipes that my kids actually ate. Recipes that I've said "oh, I have to give you this recipe" and then I've gotten bit by a viscous ant or tick or Max threw up or a new Kung Fu Panda movie came out and we HAD to get all the figurines from McDonalds in a two week span of time.

I spend a lot of time feeding Max in a rocking chair that has a lap top sitting next to it. I've tried to read to Rylan or otherwise interact with him, but he takes my down time as a cue to sit and stare lovingly at his Panda Bear (PEENDA-BURR) collection. I am not kidding. And I would think this was a tad strange, except, this is, quite possibly, the most chill that Rylan gets, other than giving him an enormous bowl of ice cream, so I don't judge the panda bear love. I can easily one hand type-out or cut and paste a recipe to my new blog, so I decided that was a lot better use of this "down time" than facebook stalking people or watching any form of Real Housewives.

So, here is the new blog's address. You're welcome


  1. Fantastic! I love your recipes & ideas. Please Max, Rylan & insects of Arkansas- let Sara share more yummy foods & funny stories with us?

  2. Oh, how I wish I could cook. And eat normal-people food. And have a husband who ate cheese and a kid who ate, well, ANYTHING. Still, I can't wait to try out lots of your gluten-free, cheese-free, toddler-friendly, fail-proof recipes...of which there are many, I'm sure. ;) It's hard to be me.

  3. Michelle-your dang belly and your husband's weirdness with cheese and fondness for Tortino's and Lily's love for milk and nuts will be hard to work around, but surely I can find something?