Wednesday, July 13, 2011

If you've touched any of the Qualls, burn your hands

I have a song going through my head

Whose got the funk?
The Qualls's got the funk
What helps the funk?
Nothing helps this funk.

Stomach flu. uh-huh. We unknowingly drove the flu grossness up to Mountain Home for the weekend. Rob had a dudes camping trip, so me and the boys hopped a ride with him to stay with my parents. Ooopsie, apparently Rylan got a little belly bug from daycare. Saturday morning there was pukes. Then there was other stuff. Involving lots of Pampers. On Sunday he was so super sad and puny. He just kept laying down wherever he was, kitchen floor, bathroom floor, foyer floor. There was a lot of floors involved. We eventually decided that he'd make the ride home at 5pm on Sunday.

Monday went by and we were all fine.

Tuesday went by and all Qualls's were fine, but we found out Grammy had been taken down.

Tuesday night, Rob and I got hit.

1.Maalox is so gross

2.Rylan was on the right track with that laying on the floor business. I curled up on the floor with my head in the boppy pillow for awhile. Its much cooler down there.

3. Toddlers love a good parent sick day. Rylan got to watch Kung Fu Panda twice, How to Train Your Dragon, and Nanny McPhee returns. He was also served toast, rice, and noodles. He wasn't required to eat any vegetables or protein.

4. Please cross your fingers, legs, and toes. Max hasn't been hit yet. The kid brings on the pitiful when you try to make him lay in his own bed and fall asleep instead of drinking milk till he passes out in a milk induced coma/stupor. I don't think I can handle watching him go through a flu level of pitiful.

Just look how pitiful he is!!!


  1. Oh my word!!! Get well soon, we miss you guys!

  2. Stomach flu's the absolute worst!...ya know, outside of tick-borne diseases, broken toes, etc., etc. :( Hope you get better asap, poor girl! And I hope Max is spared!