Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 4th plus a family fun

These pics are about 3 weeks late, but who give a crappity crap? We had my friend Kelly, and her family over for a 4th of July BBQ and swimfest. Plus some amateur fireworks by Rob. Kelly started the playgroup that Rylan and I frequent and she has 4 awesomely behaved kiddos. Kelly and I have a few things in common, namely our chattiness. I'm pretty sure we sound like a couple yapping chihuahuas when we are together. Probably why our husbands chose to befriend each other and jump in the pool with the kids far, far away from us.

Happy birthday USA!
Rylan and his friend, Keegan, watching the fireworks.
Baby Karsyn. She's so sweet. I hear she sleeps 12 hours a night already. Whatever.
Our resident pyro, Rob.
Kamryn and Keegan
Rylan gets in on the love

This last weekend (as in 4 days ago, how's that for me getting a blog out quickly, so proud) Rob's family came to see us. If you remember this post from May, we went to Rob's sister's house for their oldest daughter's graduation party and I lamented that I didn't get any pictures of Rob's sister, Staci or her husband or her children. Well, they were at our house for 3 days, 2 nights and I regret to say, that there are no pictures of Staci and Chad. I was too busy making horribly unhealthy desserts to pick up my camera while they were frolicking in my house. I DID, however, get some insanely cute pics of their children and my child playing in our small pool.

Staci and Chad might want to print and frame this shot of their children hugging and reference it when there is fighting in the house.
Wil trying to make Rylan laugh. For some reason, Rylan thinks its funny to see you hurt yourself in any way, shape or form. Wil was more than willing to do some acting to encourage the laughing.
If you are wondering why we have a small pool on our porch if we have a big pool in our backyard, here's why: I got sick in June with my mystery illness/possible kidney stones,gall stones, UTI weirdness and couldn't lift Rylan. Rylan and I had alot of time at home and it was too hot to frolick outside, so Rob bought us this smaller pool that Rylan can get in and out of with only a hand to stabilize him. Now that I'm better, we still use it for when its raining, or if Ry wants to swim and I'm not ready to shimmy into the maternity swimdress.

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