Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Freezer cooking day and Blistering hot day

Guess what I did? I had a babysitter yesterday and spent the day cooking like a mamma jamma and stuffing our freezer full of delicious and fast meals or parts of meals. This shall help us as I get bigger, if Rob needs to take over as head chef, and as weather gets even hotter (if that's possible), so we don't have to start the oven.Its fine if you want to call me a dork for taking a picture of all my yummies. I was so proud of the amount, I had to photograph my moment. Now, I'll continue the dorkiness and list my accomplishments.
I made
5 meals of waffles
3 meals of Cinnamon Rolls
6 servings of Cream of Chicken Soup
2 meals of Sloppy Joes
2 meals of Taco Meat
1 Tamale Casserole
3 bags of cooked chicken, ready to stick in some pasta or rice or on a sammich.
5 Breakfast Burritoes (for my boy, Rob, he's a fan)
3 meals of Meatballs, and they didn't turn out great, I'm going back to my previous recipe.
16 cups of brown rice, separated into portions.

And here's a pic of Rylan, when he got home from Kristi's house, eating a waffle, lying on the floor. That's totally normal. But, someone that cooks a crapload of food, then takes pics cannot judge. Its a rule.

Its part of my baby ready by 31 weeks plan. Baby ready by 30 weeks has been shot to hell, since that's this Saturday. But, we have made some serious progress. We have:
1. Ordered a new crib and chest of drawers to match the changing table that Rylan outgrew months ago.
2. Picked out decor for Baby Unnamed's room
3. Narrowed the baby name list to 3 names.
4. Cleaned out the closet in Rylan's future room, it contains almost none of the "I don't want to look at this, I'll stick it in the guest bedroom closet" stuff that was in there before. All that is left is winter clothes. We are getting more hanging racks for our closet to rectify this problem.
5. Packed a hospital bag for Rob and I. Just thought today, Rylan needs a bag too, not for the hospital, but to go wherever he goes if we should head to hospital.
6. Bought several packages of diapers in newborn, size 1, and size 2.

Onto cute toddler news, we had a fun playdate at the Rivermarket today. They have a Splash Park, where water shoots up out of the ground and kids run that mad people through it and laugh and play. The awesome things about this place is that its free and anybody can come. The terrifying thing about this place is that its free and EVERYBODY does come. You sometimes lose your kid. A zillion times. But, all of our children were very obviously in need of some outside playtime. Its so hot and the air conditioning feels too good to really push to have outside time. I'm glad we did this.
This is Rylan's friend Harper. She's new to walking (running) and loved every minute of her newfound freedom.

This is Rylan's friend Lily. She's more of a nature/find a flower pick it up girl than a fountain girl. And that's okay.
This is Keegan. I have 5 shots of Keegan, they all look like this. He really had a good time.
And this is my Boopers, the pic looks like he's sad, but he was so very happy. Loved every minute of his fountain time.

Lily actually came down off her flowery hill and got in on the water action, but I have no pics. Probably because Rylan and I heard a rumor that there was FREE ice cream and a concert by Club Neveau from the 80's (aka "Lean on me, when you're not strong, and I'll be your friend) up at the Rivermarket pavilion. There was also a rumor of the inside eating area of the Rivermarket having air conditioning. Well, Club Neveau was SO loud I was afraid for my little boy's ear drums, so we went inside to find lunch, and by the time we braved the noise again, the free ice cream was all gone. Probably best.

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  1. Yep, Lily braved the fountains!! Though she no doubt preferred her flowery hill. Flowers trump all. I took lots of splashy photos of Rylan (hope that's not creepy?) b/c he was just so darn funny and cute. I shall email them to you asap.
    As for the cooking, I'm in awe of you. My big culinary accomplishment for the day? Homemade ketchup. Don't ask. And I was embarrassingly proud of myself. 'Til NOW, that is. Hmph.