Saturday, July 3, 2010


Ry is obsessed. With Sponge Bob? Nope. With staying up late? No. Chocolate milk on a hot day? Nada. He is obsessed with apples. The word aaa-pull is his new go-to word, surpassing "Go", "bye", "mama", and "dog."

Usually if you have that weird quiet, you assume your kid is up to no good. A few months ago, my assumption would be that Rylan was in the toilet, usually with my cell or a remote of some kind. A few weeks ago, he'd be taking all of our bathroom supplies out of the drawer and throwing them on the floor. Here is what is happening when I get the weird quiet these days.
Gazing at the apples
Offering the apples to me
Using the apples as a cell phone

You see that bell pepper there? Guess what it is to Rylan? An apple. The tomatoes in our garden? Apples. Everything is an apple. He was getting up in this chair and getting apples in a such an unsafe manner, that we've actually had to have an "apple time out." The apples are much higher on a cabinet. With his growth, he'll get the apples back in like 3 weeks anyway.

And a final pic for cuteness sake. I bought a leash for Rylan. This has been on my mind alot lately, whether a leash is a good idea or not. It does feel a bit barbaric, having a kid on a leash. But, I am six months pregnant and already having contractions and issues, and Rylan is a 32 pound 19 month old that likes to run away and needs to be lifted into carts at stores. I weighed the pros and cons and decided that having a leash every once in a while is certainly better than me throwing out my back and being completely out of commission or having to (and this happened) grab the back of Rylan's shirt (nearly choking him) in an effort to keep him from running out in front of cars.

Well, after all my overthinking, turns out, Rylan loves his leash. Loves having a monkey on his back and thinks its hilarious to be pulled around. I am as serious as a heart attack when I tell you that he brings me the backpack/leash and wants it put on. I know that this honeymoon will end, but I'm enjoying the ride. Here is a pic of him on his zebra, with his leash on, and eating a whole apple like a big boy. What a mess. A darn cute mess.

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