Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More pics of our fabulous May

Back to blogging the good times.

Okay, so, in our last post we had a playdate, a kid that loves a Tupperware container and a one year old's party where Rylan stole the cake. Next up, we went to Fayetteville to celebrate our oldest niece's graduation from high school. Thanks for making us feel like a couple of old farts, Devin. Devin is a preciously funny gal that I have loved from the minute I met her 12 year old self years ago.

So, before you look at the pictures, please keep in mind that it was about 150 degrees and 190% humidity this day. Plus, Rylan was allergic to something in the yard and his eye wouldn't stop running, and Rob's belly had an adverse reaction to some chicken nuggets. Plus I'm pregnant. So I had a lot on my mind while snapping shots. Apparently so much on my mind that I didn't really get shots of the graduate, the graduate with her parents (Rob's sis and brother-in-law), the graduate with her cake, or the graduate with her siblings. Sorry.
A little known fact about Rob and I, is that sometimes on our little Saturday trips out of town, we stop at my old stomping ground of Conway and partake in Ed's Bakery. This particular morn, Ed's was all out of plain doughnut holes, so us dummy's got Rylan some chocolate dipped doughnut holes, then got back in the car.
I won't say they did wonders for his attitude.
I did manage to snap awesome pics of Devin's cake. My coworker makes cakes (more on this later) and I wanted to get pics to show her the awesome flip flop out of Nutter Butters.
I totally got a piece WITH Nutter Butters. The heat didn't get to my head THAT much!
Rylan's was having ouchy eye issues
LOOK!!! A picture of the graduate! Here she is taking a whack at the pinata.
Ry and Aunt Tam, my sister, that came with us. So fun
Ry and Naomi.
Mom helped Rylan capture some pinata treasures.

We also had a few trips to the zoo. For some time, we were going at least once a week, thanks to the season passes Rob got me for my birthday. Its good fun for Rylan and good exercise for mama. But, in the words of my friend, it is hot as blue blazes right now and the zoo is going to have to wait until there is at least a light breeze.

This is my wonderful friend, Kristi and her little girl Aubrey. Kristi and I "trade kids" one day a week. She takes Rylan and I go to work, or stay home and clean my house. Then visa versa. Its almost better to have Aubrey at my house, because she and Rylan get along so well, AND knowing she's coming makes me clean!

Rylan was the Prairie Dog Whisperer. I didn't catch it, but he started jabbering and prairie dogs popped out of each of these holes. It was so precious.

Look how close I let my kid get to a big ole' bear.
This is Madeline from Ry's playgroup. She's a happy camper.
Here is a "bird show" we went to. I put the words bird show in quotations, because they lured us there under the pretense of it being a show of BIRDS. But you wanna know what else they had in the show? The one thing that scares me most in this world. The thing that makes me suddenly turn into a fit Kenyan runner when I see one. They haunt my dreams and I can turn any stick, shoelace, or blade of grass into one in my mind. SNAKES!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, and after the "bird show" the kids got to go up to the stage and pet the snake. That is, every kid but Rylan. Sorry, Rylan, you'll have to take your dad for that on.

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