Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rylan and I have a good life. On a good week, we clock about four walks, we babysit a super cute 6 month old, and we go on two or three playdates anywhere from playgrounds to the zoo to story time. I looked around one day as we sat at Barnes and Noble, Rylan playing on the Thomas the Train table and me with me decaf Caramel Macchioto (probably not correct spelling), talking to other moms, and I thought "I'd be on hour 5 or Gi-Lab grossness right now."

Before I stayed home with Rylan full time, I stayed home twice a week and Rylan and I sort of wondered what to do with ourselves. Granted he was a lot smaller then, but I tried taking him to Gymboree classes (super expensive and I wasn't wearing a tennis skirt like all the other moms) and we went to the park alone a few times. I'm very happy that we've discovered the stay at home mom oasis that we have. People told me that we'd be bored, I'm like "we never slow down!"

We did get a little crazy last week, when Rylan was struck down by The Springtime Virus Infestation. Rylan had a little virus, nothing major, he's had a few colds in the last months. Slight fever, slight oozing from nose. No biggee. Then the wheezing started. We went to the doctor and got some steroids for the little man. In his computer he showed that Rylan had to have steroids exactly one year before ( a mystery April virus affecting the wheezy types). So he got a little better for few days, then he got worse again, more sadness, more oozing, more fever. So, little man had the Sprintime Virus turned Springtime Infection for a week. Rylan and I (aka Mover and Shaker) were in the house from Sunday to Saturday minus doctors offices and quick trip to Kroger. C-R-A-Z-Y

Let me give you a little Rob background. Rob drives 40 miles to work and 40 miles home from work every day. And works 8-10 hours in between the drive. He comes home and helps me do the dishes and even gives me a night to myself each week. So, on weekends where we don't go out of town, Rob wants to stay in the house. He's been out of it and running all week. I understand, I do. Its just that on this particular day, Rylan had a few hours of feel-goodness and we dragged Dear Ole Dad with us to show him one of our Stay at Home discoveries. A little piece of heaven right here in Little Rock we call The Wonder Place. Its Wonderful.

Cool drum thing
Playing dress-up, please note colorful pregnancy top

Rylan sized slide, we couldn't get a pic of the large slide, because I literally think they Clark Griswald greased it, he flew off that thing and landed halfway across the room

Blue sand is kind of like the first birthday cake to a kid, he kept looking at me like "I shouldn't be doing this, why aren't you upset, its blue, its dirt-like and some is even going on the floor. Its freaking me out that you are not telling me no."
And the dressup and play baker didn't work out because Mr.

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