Friday, May 14, 2010

Not everyone's typical Mother's Day

So, for Mother's Day weekend, we went to Fayetteville for a Crawfish Boil. Its kind of a yearly tradition for my sister and her brother-in-law in celebration of their birthdays. And its fun. I adopted Angie's in-laws years ago as super cool people to know, and when I met Rob, he gladly adopted them as well. They live in the boondocks, like you have to cross a creek in your car to get there (poor little Honda) and there are chickens and cows, pigs and a flamingo? It was fabulous weather for sitting outside all day and partaking in an hourly dumping of crawfish, corn, potatoes and garlic all boiled together in perfect harmony with cajun spices.

Action shot
Ry checking out the wildlife
A rare moment of letting Grammy rock him
Trying out out the trampoline
I think it might have been the best day of his life
The next morning, Angie hosted a brunch with fabulous Amish casserole and other yummies and we gave our Mama/Grammy a Sephora gift certificate. Sephora gift certificates are the best present. Always a crowd pleaser.
Another action shot, this one of Anthony's blocks doing a tumble

A side note: my pregnant self wasn't entirely up for mounds of crawfish, I had a couple, but mostly corn and garlic smeared on a cracker. The past two Crawfish boils I've made it to I've been pregnant. I promise to stay fetus free for the next one so that I can really do a Crawfish Boil right.

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