Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all.
-Thank you mama for giving birth to me and not killing me for being a super sassy, chatty, bookworm, bad at housekeeping, good at cooking teenager!

-Thank you Sandy for giving birth to Rob. I like him and so does Rylan. He's pretty swell in our opinion.

-Thank you Rylan for making me a mama. You are the best thing that I've ever done and I love, love, love, you!!!! Thank you for reminding me that Mr. Potato Head is totally cool. Thank you for laughing at anything from my hair wrapped in a towel to my mad dancing skills. You are sweet and cuddly, good natured and chatty, you love being outside and picking up sticks, you love dogs and other kids. You are PERFECT!

-Thank you Shim II (wish I didn't have to call you that, but we don't know if you are a pink or blue yet, so you have no name). Thank you for letting us know we were ready for another baby. If it weren't for your deciding for us, we might never have decided to give Rylan a sibling!!! Thank you for being you and your little grapefruit sized self. I'm sorry I keep pushing on you and going "are you a girl or boy?"

And here is a few pics that would make even the hardest
woman want to be a mama.

Sorry about the nudity, Rylan.

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