Saturday, May 8, 2010

18ish weeks and steady

I haven't talked much about the new addition. Shim II. THE BABY. I guess this is why I didn't start a blog until after I had Rylan. I really did set this blog up at the beginning of my second trimester with Rylan, but everytime I typed anything, I became sure that no one wanted to hear about it. Do you want to know about belly size, cravings, pukes, and such? Maybe you do. Maybe you don't.

Well since this blog is for us as much as for others to read, I've decided to quit my overthinking and just blog. So here you go. This little turnip (the current size of Shim II) has been roasting for almost 18 weeks. My pukes and puniness are a think of the past. I have crept back up to my starting weight (morning sickness, all day sickness, and a nasty stomach flu had me 7 pounds down at one point) and sprouted a baby belly.

Now, my stomach was, um, REALLY stretched out after my first pregnancy. Seven weeks of contracting and pulling the skin as tight as possible will do that to a belly. So, I can't say that I had washboard abs, by any means. But, after some postpartum pilates and other exercise, my stomach kind of returned to its original shape, sort of. Well, let me tell you, the minute said stomach got the message that baby 2 was inside, it was like "YES!!!!! I've been sucked in for 17 months TOO LONG." I think I actually heard a "blah" noise as all the stretchiness returned and my stomach pooched out, ready for another 8 pound baby. I've tried to tell it that it could have waited, that the 8 pounder won't be needing that much space for a while, but my nice stomach was so excited, it plopped right out extra early. At least now it looks pregnant, not like I let myself have the All You Can Eat Pasta every night in March.

May I just add that this baby is off chicken as well! What is that? I'm also off my love for Mexican that has lasted, um, 30 years. I'd still eat if we were at a Mexican restaurant, but for the first time in my life, I'd pick any other food over Mexican. And here's some pregnant cravings for you pickled okra and hot and sour soup, not together. Seriously, I had pickled okra for the first time at a salad bar 3 weeks ago and haven't stopped talking about it since. I finally found it at Wal Mart. And I could eat hot and sour soup any day. But, those packets from Kroger Asian section don't do the trick, I tried. BLAH. Must be from Hunan. Or Fantastic China. Or New Fun Re. Or the China Buffet in East End. I could go on.

Here is my 18 week preggo belly. You won't be seeing a bare preggo belly from me. My belly hasn't been shown to the public since I was, oh, nine. Right now isn't the best time for its re-debut.

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