Sunday, February 28, 2010

See you later, waiting rooms

Between the 2 month check-up and the 4 month check-up
5 sick visits, one ambulance ride, 2 emergency room visits and a 3 day hospital stay
*multiple ear infections

Between 4 month check-up and 6 month check-up
-3 sick visits, one visit to ENT doctor
*multiple ear infections

Between 6 month check-up and 9 month check up
-one sick visit
-surgery for ear tubes and tongue tie
-visit to ENT doctor
*one piddly cold

Between 9 month check-up and 12 month check-up
-5 sick visits
-one visit to after hours stat clinic at Children's hospital
*double ear infections
*Swine Flu
*Fifth's Disease

So, you can see that Rylan has had a few extra visits to the doctor. They know us really well. We actually sent them flowers one time because they are a little like family. And take such good care of my boy. And, while I love to see their smiling faces, I would love nothing more than to see their smiling faces maybe at the check-out at Kroger, or Chuck E. Cheez (let's keep it real, only the children smile at Chuck E. Cheez, all parents are overwhelmed).

So Rylan just had his 15 month check up on Friday. Guess how many sick visits he's had since his last check-up?????? ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh happy day, oh happy day. It hit me as I was driving to the doc on Friday. This is may be too personal and a little sad, but driving Rylan to the doctor makes me cry every time. I get flashbacks of the time I drove him there and we left in an ambulance. That helpless I've let my child get so sick feeling comes back and it just happens. So on Friday, I exit onto Interstate I-30 and start my trek and the tears automatically start the sting and then I realize: the last time I did this trek was for Rylan's 12 month visit. We did it! The staying home and trading babysitting, making him learn to sleep through the night, and doing the crazy anti-bacterial swipe at all restaurants and stores has paid off.

So, at 15 months Rylan is 28lbs-his first time out of the 90th percentile. He's now a mere 84th percentile (wonder what percentile I'm in? YIKES). 34 1/4 inches. I'm 61 inches on a good day. Rylan is 15months old and over half my height. At last check, he has 16 teeth. He is still off chicken, loves him some fruit, veg, and beans, and hands you his plate when he'd like it filled back up. Latest words include: ball, Aubrey (the little baby we babysit, sounds like "aubie"), and "eed it" as he throws a book at you.

It really is easier to play WITH the toys if you are actually WITH the toys

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