Friday, February 12, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, now let it melt, let the sun come out

It snowed! Not iced. It really snowed! It was marvelous. Beautiful. There were giant snowflakes falling out of the sky. I bundled Rylan and I up in two layers of clothes, scarves, hoods and such to brave the elements, grabbed two dogs and we all went out to frolic. Rylan thought it was AWESOME. Mostly because the dogs were out with us, but he kind of liked the white stuff too. We were learning about making snowballs when it felt as though we'd been hit by a snowball, then another, then another. Snowballs were coming out of the sky! I learned later that when it gets closer to 32 degrees, this is what happens, gigantic "snowflakes" and then.......rain. Yes, I had my one year old out in the snowball fight and it started raining. So, our fun frolic in the snow got cut short, but at least we had our ten minutes.

Now we have a little cabin fever. We stayed in for two days straight, then ventured out to Kroger and a lunch date with Rob on Wednesday. After the Kroger parking lot experience, I decided that another day at home was best. So 3 days this week have been spent indoors and we are both a little ticky. Its days like these that I question my choice to limit Rylan's TV watching. Because I've done this, you see, he's not really interested in much TV. Don't get me wrong, the boy is ADDICTED to his "Your Baby Can Talk" sign language videos I "archived" from Netflix. They are supposed to teach him sign language which will help him talk somehow. So far we have dog and shoe, but mostly Rylan likes to watch it approximately 1 inch from the TV and not do any of the signs. Anyway, I busted out some classic cartoons for Rylan and I to be lazy with and he was bored. Apparently Aladdin, 101 Dalmations, and Seseme Street on VHS aren't up to his "your baby can talk" standards.

I have gotten some good use of my 50cent buy at a garage sale. A book called the Toddler's Busy book. If you have a kid that you are home with, you should go get one. I'd even pay more than 50cents. They have a whole section on rainy days. I've been impressed by some of the stuff they've suggested that I thought sounded corny that Rylan has actually enjoyed. One was playing with ice. You take an ice block and a diapered kid, put them in the bathtub and let them play. Rob and I's MOST AWESOME icemaker frequently gives us ice blocks, so this was something I tried
Classy me left the garage sale tag o
"what do you want me to do with this?"

Still not sure
And, he's done

Today, we are going to try some indoor activities out of the house. The library for one, and I'm not above mall walking either. On these cold days, Rob and I are favoring the warmth of bed over the un-fun working out at 5:30am workouts. A mall walk would get us some exercise.

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