Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SUPRISE, SUPRISE, SUPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of all the tests I've ever taken, the one I took on February 1st, I was sure I was going to fail. But I didn't. It would seem that Rob and I were unknowingly working on a little project. A teeny little project the size of a grape. SUPRISE! We are having baby number two.

Planning for this? NO

Scared enough to make your knees shake? Yes

Happy that the big guy upstairs had a different plan for you? Yes indeed.

We went March 1st and saw the pretty beating heart of our baby. We'll call "it" Shim II. Rylan was Shim (she/him) until he was officially deemed a boy. It was determined that Shim is 9 weeks and some change along. So, October 9th is the big date. Rylan and the little one will be 23 months apart. It will tough stuff, but, hopefully, after a little while, we will have a couple of super best friends on our hands.

As for me, I'm so much sicker with this one, which makes me thankful that I barely go to that GI nurse job I used to have! I think its the addition of having a baby already and not just getting to take a nap whenever. And the fact that I'm home all day with Rylan, a big part of my job is bending over to pick him up, or pick up toys, or pick up dog poo so he won't eat it. If my body is bending over, it thinks I'm at a toilet. And, Rylan and I now have the same 8pm bedtime. It seems this bambino requires a lot of sleep. Hoping Shim II requires that much post-womb as well!

Now we are nervously waiting for the scary 1st trimester to be over, looking at double stroller's price tags with big eyes, and re-evaluating the living situation of our home. I have a really positive feeling about it all. I'm so hoping we don't have the bedrest/preterm labor troubles of our past and that we can all get through this one bigger happier family. But, even if we do, we graduated from Rylan's birth smarter, happier, and with hearts the size of the ocean. We know now, that all that work gets a big prize at the end.

Rylan, is blissfully unaware that his world will be rocked, and I'm glad. We are savoring every moment of time where Rob and I can devote all our attention to him. We are movers and shakers with our two mommy and me groups, going to parks, lunches, playdates and tomorrow: The Wonder Place. So excited. Pictures to follow.

Here are some pics from a playdate last week. They had a pizza party/fire safety talk. Rylan was a LITTLE bored during the fire safety talk, but come time to see a firetruck, he was all business. He even made a few friends with the friendly firemen.

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