Thursday, December 3, 2009

Accidental freezer cooking day

From the start of my life as a mother, the 4pm-6pm hours are the crap hours of the day, whether I worked or not. I was tired either from working at the hospital or home with Rylan. And I'm usually out of my bag of mom-tricks by then as well. My block-building, dancing to music, let's practice walking, bath giving, book reading skills suddenly are no longer fun or stimulating to Rylan. Rylan is also tired from all of the previous mentioned activities and is now an afternoon Sleep Hater. He would like to sit in my lap and pull my hair and its time for me to cook dinner. Now that Ry is getting mobile and into everything, and I'm home and have an increased urge to eat at home, I've found myself in the midst of dealing with ewwy raw chicken when I hear BONK and "whaaaaaa" and I have to run, wash with antibacterial, then find Rylan under the table crying or something.

So, I'm trying out a little thing I heard about called Freezer Cooking. I actually made it my New Year's goal, but Rylan was a little under the weather yesterday and slept a bunch extra, so I decided to try it out. I did alright.

I made a
-2lb bag of rice and froze it in 2 cup increments
-1lb bag of lentils that I bought eons ago in a random moment of "we are going to be super healthy!"
-5lbs of hamburger meat, which, in case you are wondering, turns into 3.2 lbs after you saute all the fat and water out.
-36 Banana Chocolate Nut muffins (I finally used a zillion BLACK bananas I had frozen)
Yeah, mom, your muffins are real good, put the frackin' camera down

Then we took a meeting with some important peeps. Love the way our cocker spaniel lined up accordingly. She's "special"
Then, after nap 3, we went and played on the porch. Lovely non crap hour

Hopefully, I'll get good at Freezer cooking and be able to do it on one of my Mommy's Day out days, then Crap Hours will be a thing of the past. Instead of cooking, Ry and I will get outside and play, always a Rylan pleaser and good for all. Then, I'll just pop something super easy in the freezer and call it a day.

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