Saturday, December 19, 2009

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!!

Love this season. Love it, love it love it. Makes me want to go buy stuff! Then you go to the store and the people there make you want to go back home and enjoy your Christmas MP3 mix and sweet baby and pretty Christmas tree. How do you spell Ba Hum Bug?? Those people should be the ones staying home this year.

You see, Rob and I live about 25 minutes, in good traffic, away from the nearest store. So, to go buy anything, you are already committing to an hour in the car. Then add putting bundled baby in the stroller at every store, probably 3 times, because we Qualls's are more Target than mall shoppers. Then put bundled baby back in carseat three or four times. Its taxing on both of us.

Rob graciously met me this past Tuesday to get Rylan so that I could do all of our Christmas shopping in one swoop, not having to drag bundled baby everywhere I go. I love to shop. I do. I'm really cheap is the only problem, so I usually end up taking back most items I buy for myself (example, the previously mention Stay At Home Mom Jogging Suit, its back home at JC Penny). So, I love to shop for Christmas, because I don't feel bad when I buy for others. And I'm pretty good at not buying too much, unless its for Rylan. Just being honest.

So I'm be-bopping all around finding deals, checking off the list, "fa-la-la-laing" with the radio. Then the TARGET LADY appears. I'd seen her through the store with her sour face. Of course she gets behind me in line. Then my card won't work (oops, I washed it) and I go to write a check. The cashier has no pen. She gets freaked out and starts chanting "do you have a pen" to everyone she works with. All the sudden I feel a sharp pain in my arm. I look down at my arm. A pen is being poked into my arm by Sour Face!!!! She says nothing, just has a "how dare you write a check!" look. "Thanks" I say. I am, sadly, slightly passive agressive, so I of course waited until she turned to walk back to her cart to make a bad face behind her back. Then I wrote my check, handed her her pen back and said "Merry Christmas" in my best momma- YOU SHOULD BE ON YOUR BEST BEHAVIOR voice.

Last year I dragged Rob, our 4 week old infant, and me four weeks past c-section, past 2 months of bedrest, to walk all over Garvin Woodland Gardens. I was just sooooo ready to get out of the house after 8 weeks bedrest and 4 weeks home on maternity leave. I wanted to show the lit up world to my baby!!!! Except my baby was nestled in his carriage and slept through it. And Garvin Gardens is about a 1.5 mile walk. It was 30 degrees, we had about 28 layers on Rylan, I was limping by the end, and the two new parents were a little bickery.

This year, to bring my little family closer to the Christmas spirit, I dragged us to the Sherwood Enchanted Forrest. I just heard about it this year. When we got there, I really had to laugh at myself. You stay in your heated car and slowly drive along a few mile stretch through a forrest that is lit up beautifully. It was heavenly. We put Rylan in the front on my lap, Britney Spears style and drove extra slow and looks at all the "pretties." Then we went and got delicious peppermint mochas at Starbucks and drove through neighborhoods rating peoples light displays. Totally fun. Now, all I have to do is read Rylan his new book about the REAL meaning of Christmas.
This is Chritmas season Sara
The pictures do no justice, it was glorious
If you have a chance, you should totally go, its free.

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