Friday, December 18, 2009

I want to cry it out

It is 3:03 am. Rylan is in the next room crying. Nothing wrong, its just that, with every cold, infection or flu, his ability to sleep through the night gets reset. He goes a good stretch, then has a cough due to cold, and has a few nights where he gets extra love and sippee cups and he's back to a 3 month old. Rob and I try to not go in there, but eventually sleep wins. We'd rather fix a temperary problem and get back to our pillow and sheets.

I had 3 goals for my first couple months staying at home.

1. Get Rylan going to bed without being rocked to sleep, sleeping through the night, and sleeping later than 4am without a bottle or sippee cup.

2. Clean out and organize scary master closet

3. Make our two car garage able to actually hold two cars.

Number 1 is proving difficult. Ry was nearly 5 months old before I got strong enough to attempt to let him cry himself back to sleep. At that time it was a pitiful whimper that eventually ended in him sucking his thumb, and we were back to bed. I thought "we've got it!" But, like I said, Rylan has a remarkable ability to play Rob and I like a fiddle and when he has one of his many illnesses, he resets his sleep though the night clock. Except that whimper changed to a bellow, and the thumb sucking is long gone and is now standing at the crib clutching the rails like a jail cell.

We also realized Rylan was good at going to bed because I rock him until he is in near coma state. He needs to be able to go to bed himself. He also get up around 4-5am. It wasn't bad, when I had to report to work at 6:30, so it didn't seem too early. Now that Rob can sleep till 6am because he isn't doing a daycare dropoff, and I don't have a 4:45 am alarm set, it seems REALLY, REALLY early. So we are persevering. And don't worry, we aren't leaving that cute little sack of sugar alone to despair on his unfair world, we go in and make sure he hasn't wet the whole bed (very common event), isn't ill, or spurting any fluid from anywhere. We put him back down , shhhhhhh, pat back, "night night", shhhhhhhh. Then leave the room. Then the fun starts. Because I have nothing to do, we actually found a method to our maddness called the Ferber method if anybody out there also has a Sleep Hater.

I am nearly done with number 2. You can at least walk in there, not far because it is a pretty small closet, but there is not one thing on the floor in there. Its a very hard habit to not kick your shoes off and I hear it takes 27 days to break a bad habit. I think I'm on day 15. I still have to move summer stuff to the guest closet and move winter stuff to our closet, but the actually cleaning is done. I have pictures. I'll post them once I take an "after" shot.

Number 3 is not going AWESOME because in order to get number 2 done, I sort of added to the pile of give-away and Ebay items that are stacked in there. But, I will persevere. Because Rob is the one getting up early to go to work first now, I've surrendered the lone garage parking spot to him. I miss it. Must get number 3 done stat.

But, this, this right here makes it all very very very worth it. Lots of sleep equalls happy days. My silly, rosy cheeked little boy loves to sit and wait for Rob to come home. Its getting colder and colder, so I fished this number out of the closet. It was a gift with Rylan's birth from one of the docs I work with. She knitted it for me (so nice) and it stretched to still fit him. He is actually able to crawl around in it. Its so precious, he looks like an Anne Geddies photograph in it.

Its 3:32, we've had silence for almost 20 minutes, I'm hitting the hay. This morning's session? 35 minutes. It was a doozy. It will get better. It will get better.
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ADDENDUM: Its now 8:25am and he's still asleep! Maybe we're onto something!!!! Had to tell someone.

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