Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Its a potty party, I haven't cried....yet

You know that Luvs commercial that shows the difference between a first time mom and a second time mom? Where the first one the mom is packing every possible thing you could need in a diaper bag and the second time mom has her kid in a sling, grabs a handful of spilled cereal and stuffs it in her mouth and yells at the older one to "come on?"

That commercial was made about me. Still waiting on that royalty check.....any day now......

Its especially evident with the Potty Party. With Rylan, we had party hats, a potty chart, several planned treats, a new movie from Netflix, and we DID NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE for 3 days.  Absolutely no diapers. No pull ups. Boot Camp Style. I nearly went nuts. We stayed here and watched Rylan for signs of peeing.

This time I secured Rylan a spot at Tiny Town and kept Max home. I got a Potty video at the Library for him to watch, you know, to lesson the workload for me and all. We had oatmeal for breakfast (I added chocolate chips for Potty Party enjoyment) and pizza muffins for lunch and jelly beans for every pee. I forgot about a chart, I have no treats, and, I'll be honest, the jelly beans were actually meant for Easter, but I forgot to get a "treat" for each pee. For 8 hours we watched DVR'd Dora and Mickey and Diego and I watched to see if he was about to pee, before we needed to take stuff to a consignment sale so Mama can make money. Then we needed to go to a 3 year old's birthday party. So, I sidetracked Max while I stuck a diaper on him, then pulled his underwear over it and told him he was still wearing underwear. I did the same thing this morning when we went to a Hippy shindig. I mean, they were busting a pinata. Was I going to let my kids miss that? NO WAY.

The results from yesterday? 4 pees in the potty, several wet unders. About 3 wet spots that had to be cleaned up. The diaper was wet and more at the party, so we didn't master it in a day, but that's ok.

Today so far? One wet spot on the carpet and 2 public toilet pees!!!! Came home in a dry diaper. Now back to staring at him for signs of peeing. That is major major major.

Go Max. He's our man, if he can't do it......well I really hope that everyone still can.

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