Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend warriors....NOT EVEN A LITTLE

We had big plans last Friday.
Me and two cuties=head to Grammy's house Friday night.
My dad=head to our house (as in Rob and I's house)
Rob and my dad=paint our kitchen and living room.

What happened instead
Rob=called and told Dad to stay because he had the stomach flu
Rylan=woke up at Grammy and Papa's house with stomach flu
Max=had been on a hunger strike for a week, we thought he was being two or constipated, turned out he had the flu (just without the pukes) and once that subsided he was ready to eat. Carbs. Lots of them.
Me and two cuties=head to Grammy's house and infect them with flu

Life. It is such a bitch.

Ain't Nobody got time fo that - Being sick? Ain't nobody got time for that\

So, we still have a green kitchen and a red living room and hallway. And blue master and bath. Our house is the color wheel. Not for long, its going to be a beige lovers dream in a matter of weeks.

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